Trusted Wellness Partners

At K2 Wellness we value the partnership with wellness practitioners that embody the passion and commitment to improving others health and wellness as we do here at K2 Wellness.

We feel that the following Wellness Partners will bring you the same quality and commitment that you receive at K2 Wellness.

Certified Life coaching: Chad Weller Coaching

“Chad Weller is an Entrepreneur and life coach. He has traveled the globe for years as a model, professional ultra marathon runner, and speaker. His passion is to inspire those who are willing to grow. With gritty determination Chad overcame adversity in his own life and now serves as an example of what is possible. A dynamic public speaker, Chad encourages people in groups by teaching diverse audiences how to stay the course with heartfelt and practical insight into his own struggles and triumphs. Over the course of two decades Chad has helped thousands of people realize their potential and is prepared to help you reach yours too.”

ChiroPractic Care: Dr. Carly Hudson, D.C.

“At the Healing Ground, we view the body and it’s complaints from a wide variety of perspectives. Whether your need is biomechanical, neurologic, or metabolic Dr. Carly has the tools or the resources to help you manage and heal your body. She has trained with experts in body movement, soft tissue manipulation, and functional neurology to get you back to what you love.”

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