BioMeridian Testing

Find a protocol that fits your body’s needs and start restoring wellness and balance to your body.

BioMeridian can help with

Sleep Issues
Mood Imbalances
Autoimmune Issues

Weight Loss
Digestive Issues
Joint and Muscular Pain

How A BioMeridian Assessment Works

Utilizing a special sensor and computer program, information is gathered on the organs and systems in your body.

Here’s how Karen performs an assessment:

  1.  A special sensor is placed at each acupuncture point on both hands and feet.
  2. The sensor measures electrical resistance through the specific meridian.
  3. The measured resistance indicates if a system or organ is stressed, weakened or balanced.
  4. The readings are compiled by a computer program.
  5. A custom display allows you to easily understand how your body is functioning.

With the readings and subsequent data analysis, as your certified BioMeridian consultant, Karen is able to recommend nutritional changes and specific types, quantities and brands of natural supplements that will help you bring your body back into balance.

The BioMeridian device is a FDA approved as a Galvanic Skin Response, Class II medical device.

BioMeridian Testing Explained

Eastern medicine has utilized the energy pathways flowing through the body to treat ailments for centuries. These pathways are called meridians and can be accessed through traditional acupuncture points.

Modern medical advances in the last 30 years now allow scientists and practitioners to measure the efficiency by which our energy — bioelectrical impulses — flows through these pathways, and since each meridian corresponds to specific organs or bodily systems, we can determine the health and efficiency of the system.

This process is called BioMeridian testing. BioMeridian testing, or bio-electrical impedance measurement (BIM), is a painless, non-invasive procedure for measuring the energy flow through each meridian.

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Disclaimer: BioMeridian testing and BioScan SRT are considered forms of alternative medicine and cannot be legally used to diagnose specific conditions or ailments. For serious medical complications, please consult your physician.

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