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I am feeling improvements in my vitality and clarity of mind. Enough that I felt confident going on an overnight camping trip with a friend to see the eclipse in Wyoming. I had originally resisted because of worries that “I’m too sick and weak,” “I don’t know how I’ll feel” and “I don’t want to feel miserable.”

I went and experienced an amazing event in the company of a good friend. I have missed out on so much because of feeling bad or fear of feeling bad. So to not only feel good enough to say yes to such an adventure, but to have completely enjoyed it is a big win for me.

There are still improvements to be made, but I’m feeling so optimistic. Thanks, Karen!

- Erica

My neighbor told me about Karen and how much she helped her. After being sick with a terrible cough for six months and going to countless doctors who kept giving me harmful antibiotics, I was desperate for a solution.

Within two weeks of meeting with Karen and getting on a new eating regimen and supplements, the cough was gone, I feel great, and have more energy than ever. More importantly, she found other things going on in my system that needed to be addressed to prevent long term health issues.

I am so thankful for her help and advice. I am such a big believer in Karen and what she does, that my mom now comes in from out of state to meet with her.

- Nataly

I have known Karen for several years as my massage therapist. Recently, I had been complaining about how poorly I felt. Over a six-month period my energy had tanked; my inflammatory arthritis was no longer responding to standard low-dose prednisone; and I had a persistent, severe deep cough that two rounds of antibiotics, two burst and taper of steroids and an inhaler did not touch.

I was about to wave the white flag and admit “old age” had arrived.

Karen suggested BioMeridian testing to figure out what was going on with my body. I was skeptical but have ultimate respect for her as a provider so I agreed. Testing showed that I had multiple areas that needed help, but most troubling, was that I had leaky gut and was not absorbing nutrients. My adrenals were also misbehaving. Karen placed me on several natural supplements and sent me home.

I stared at the supplements, lined them all up and started my regimen. Forty-eight hours later, I was sitting on my couch thinking I should be tired about now. But I was not tired, my joints did not hurt and I felt my ornery self was returning.

For the first time in several years, I feel well and owe it all to Karen. Indeed, I have been a physician assistant for more than 22 years and know Western medicine would never have helped me resolve my health issues as quickly and painlessly as did Karen and BioMeridian testing.

On a final note, my severe cough of two months is gone. I am ever grateful to Karen for helping me feel like myself once again.

- Marge, PA-C

I have been fighting dermatitis for almost two years now. When I went to the dermatologist she wanted to put me on antibiotics. I wasn’t very open to this option. I knew my dermatitis would come back after a round of antibiotics, and I felt that we needed to address what was causing it rather than just treat the symptoms.

So I went on a quest to solve my skin issues. Since I’m in the health field and study nutrition, I knew skin issues could arise from digestive issues. Fortunately, during my search for answers, I met Karen. When she explained to me what she did with BioMeridian testing, I intuitively knew I needed to work with her.

I started my first session with Karen in the end of January 2015. Over four months, I saw her three times with improvement every time. Karen unraveled the layers of my health and, with a few different natural supplements like Oregano oil, digestive enzymes, broccoli extract and a few other things, my skin is clear and vibrant again. I also love the fact that we went through the foods I should avoid so I could implement changes into my life right away. Just by taking away a few foods I was consuming regularly, like oats and a few other key foods, I not only cleared up my skin but lost 12 pounds as well.

Interestingly, I did not increase my exercise or do anything else but make these few changes to my diet and natural supplementation. To me, these were not huge but minor adjustments and my body responded greatly.

I am forever grateful I met Karen and had the opportunity to work with her. She is my shining star — thank you Karen!

- Laura

I am a thirty-something female. I live a very active and healthy lifestyle, meaning I exercise regularly and eat healthy. I am a registered nurse who has been practicing for almost ten years. Although I work in the world of modern Western medicine, I don’t really fit the criteria to be treated adequately by it. I have an autoimmune disease — Hashimoto’s thyroiditis — asthma and allergies.

Approximately eight years ago I began the struggle of managing my thyroid disease and everything it entails. The most prevalent symptoms I had were weight gain, cold intolerance, inconsistent thyroid lab levels, chronic fatigue and a heightened inflammatory system.

For a long time, I have sought alternative methods to help manage my health issues, so when Karen started working with the BioMeridian testing, I was absolutely willing to get involved with it.

From the very first session, I had a positive and beneficial experience. I came to Karen with so many issues and concerns I wanted addressed. In addition, I have a vast knowledge of the overall functioning of the human body and its organs, so am vigilant in assessing what I’m being told about my own health and body. I found Karen patient and willing to put forth the effort and hard work to address my issues, plus what she would explain and her rationale for how she was going to help me made sense.

I knew that I came to Karen as a fairly complicated client; however, as time went by, she was able to address each and every issue. I went from taking multiple prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs to one for my allergies, one for my asthma, and one for my thyroid. I also went through a complete transformation with how I felt and how my entire body was functioning.

I know that I could not have reached the level of health or improvement in how I feel without Karen’s help.

If you are open to more natural and holistic ways of managing your health and body, then Karen is the perfect person to see. This type of management through nutrition and supplementation isn’t something that works overnight, but if you can be patient for a few weeks, it will absolutely be worth it. Karen uses pharmaceutical grade supplements, so they are of the highest quality possible. Along with her knowledge, experience and her extreme desire to help others understand the natural options available to them, Karen is the person you can count on to make a positive difference in your life and well-being.

- Stacey, RN

For over 15 years, Karen has been my fitness trainer and massage therapist. During that time, she has helped me through several surgeries, including back surgery and foot surgery. She has helped me maintain core strength, balance and exercise.

She has helped me so much that I do not know where I would be without her. Karen has seen me through my accidents, surgeries and travel. We have a maintained a wonderful working relationship throughout the years.

Most recently Karen has been helping me with my nutrition and wellness using BioMeridian assessments and consultations, which is really working. I admire Karen because she is always learning new procedures, taking classes and keeping up with what is best for her clients.

When I tell her, for example, that my left hip hurts when we start my exercise, she quickly and expertly changes the workout session to something that helps work out the pain. I am always amazed at her repertoire of stretches and exercises as well as the great pressure points she uses in her massage therapy.

Karen receives the highest recommendation I could give anyone.

P.S. Karen is ALWAYS on time for a session.

- Marilyn

“When I was about four, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata. I was almost completely bald and it looked like there was little hope of getting better. I was taken to an autoimmune doctor and my hair was almost fully grown back. There were a few bald spots, and they weren’t growing back. Then, I went to K2 Wellness and my hair is now fully grown back thanks to Karen!

BioMeridan testing has drastically improved my life by making me feel more energetic, find out what I’m allergic to and how to fix it, and improve my immune system.

“The quick and easy betterment of my well being. I noticed a vast improvement in my energy and allergy symptoms after the first few visits to K2 Wellness. Also, the environment at K2 Wellness is very serene and kind. I have nothing but praises for K2 Wellness.”

What would you say to a friend of a family member who was curious about BioMeridian testing?

“They should try it out whether they have known allergies or don’t feel well in general. It will noticeably improve your energy and help diminish or even get rid of allergic reactions.”

- Sydney

I have been very pleased with the assistance Karen Kalbach has given me in the past with my digestive and sleep problems. Her advice to limit gluten in my diet as well as her recommendations for supplements have helped improve my ability to eat more comfortably and digest my food more easily.

Also, her recommendations for natural supplements to help me go to sleep and stay asleep have worked better than any other remedy I have tried. I respect Karen’s expertise and relate well to her down-to-earth, calm demeanor.

- Diane

Karen has helped me so much and in so many ways. I was first referred to Karen by my physical therapist for massage. I’m a middle-aged cyclist and Karen’s massage skills keep me limber and pain free. The area where Karen has helped me the most, however, is my overall health via her BioMeridian testing. Prior to undergoing my first assessment, I was feeling OK but not great. After the assessment, Karen put me on a new diet regimen augmented with select supplements she tailored specifically to me via BioMeridian.

One month later I was feeling great, sleeping the best I have in years and had lost 13 pounds! Karen did a follow-up assessment and was able to assess my progress and make some minor changes to further finetune my treatment. I’m anxious for my next assessment.

- Craig

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