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We have passions in our lives! Mine is helping people live well and Bulldogs!!

Let me tell you about my Love and Journey with rescuing Bulldogs.

Bridgett Jones

I had an obsession with Bulldogs for many years, I loved their expressive faces and funny personalities. When I finally decided to take the leap and get a Bulldog I ended up getting a 1.5 year old female I had found in the classifieds. Oh no… probably not the wisest decision I’d ever made.

She was advertised as a true miniature, now I know there is no such thing a miniature bulldog. Upon meeting her I immediately fell in love. She was this tiny “box” of love and sass and I named her Bridgett Jones. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize he Bridgett Jones had some serious bulldog health issues, a trachea that was too small, and had a, more than typical, hard time breathing, but Bridgett didn’t know, she was such a happy, fun and loving little dog.

Over her life time I invested a small fortune keeping Bridgett alive, I often had to give her Heimlich because food got caught in her airway and she had passed out, she would bloat and I would spend hours getting her past it.

Because of all of her health issues we became bonded more than I ever thought you could bond to a pet, she was my child. Losing Bridgett was like losing my soul mate, my best friend her loving little soul comforted me when I was down. Her funny little personality made me laugh on a daily basis.

She will always have a piece of my heart and I will always miss her.



After Bridgett was gone I could hardly stand not having all the Bulldog noised around and that my heart belonged to rescuing Bulldogs. I started applying to rescues for Bulldogs that looked like they would be a fit for my lifestyle, no yard and a small condo.

I came across Delilah, was approved and was thrilled to have her. Delilah came to me late in her life. She was so different then Bridgett, she was quite, she slept most of the time and I think she made two noises the whole time I had her.

Delilah came to me late in her life and 13 months after I got her she died of bone cancer. Although I didn’t have her for long I hope she felt safe and love through her final months. She was a special girl and I will always love her as well.



2015 – I got my second true rescue, as I consider Bridgett to have been a rescue – TAZ.

TAZ is large and in charge. At 1.5 years old when I got her I don’t think she had much if any real training. She was found as a stray in Wichita, Kansas and I as lucky enough to be selected by Bullysrule Bulldog Rescue in Wichita to have her come live with me.

TAZ has tested me on a daily basis. She truly thinks she’s the one in charge. She is one smart manipulative Bulldog. She loves to rough house and figure out ways to get a treat or a bone.

I always have to be on my toes with TAZ and all the other dogs in the complex know where her corner is and that she is in charge of that corner.

Although TAZ takes Bulldog stubbornness to a new level we love her strength and tenacity. We love taking TAZ with us on road trips and she loves coming along. We’re looking forward to many more years of fun with TAZ.

My hope is to someday have the ability to rescue multiple Bulldogs at once, primarily senior dogs,
so they can spend their days in a safe loving environment.

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