About K2 Wellness

Karen Kalbach, founder of K2 Wellness has a lifetime of experience as a nutritional consultant, personal trainer and massage therapist. As an avid marathoner and trail runner, Karen knows firsthand how important nutrition and stress reduction are to maintaining peak physical fitness and a high quality of life.

A Passion for Fitness leads to helping others

Karen developed a passion for health and fitness when she started competing in fun runs and 5Ks in grade school. She noticed how much she enjoyed exercising, and it quickly became a part of her life.

Karen studied Exercise Science at Kansas State University and while at college, she began teaching group exercise classes. After finishing college she followed her passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and became a certified personal trainer. Karen decided to become a massage therapist once she saw how important of a role massage therapy plays in workout recovery, injury prevention, stress reduction and overall wellness.

In her early 30s, Karen learned firsthand the role underlying health conditions can play in one’s health and the overall quality of life. At the time, she was living a healthy lifestyle but was always tired, had low mood issues(depression)was in a “mental fog” and suffering from digestive issues. Karen found a practitioner who offered BioMeridian testing. The testing revealed that her digestive system was severely compromised; she was gluten intolerant; and she suffered from adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. With the feedback provided by the BioMeridian Testing she was able to recover her wellness.

Chicago Marathon – 2017


It was this experience and the realization that many of her clients also suffered from underlying chronic health conditions that were preventing them from reaching their health and fitness goals, that prompted Karen to become trained in performing BioMeridian tests herself.

Today, Karen has over 30 years experience as a personal trainer, over 25 years experience as a licensed massage therapist, is a certified nutritional consultant and is certified in BioMeridian testing. She is also an avid runner, having competed in dozens of marathons and half marathons — including the Boston Marathon. She is as passionate about helping others reach their individual health goals as she is about her own.

In her free time, Karen is also extremely passionate about bulldog rescue and her own bulldogs. Read more about her other passion here.

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